Born in Thessaloniki 1931, he is the son of the poet George Themelis. A graduate of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki- violin and theoretical lessons- he continued his studies in Munich with a scholarship (DAAD). He was taught violin from the professor, Kurt Stiehler and Musicology at the University of Munich and completed a PhD.

He was director of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki (1971 – 1985), professor of Musicology at the School of Musical Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1985 – 1998) and four times president of the same School. He was also the Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts at the same University. Since 1998 he is emeritus professor. He was president of the Art Committee of the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, liaison officer in Greece of the International Council for Traditional Music and since 1994 he is active member of New York Academy of Sciences and member of the Greek Composers Union. In 1990 he was honored from the Musical Association of North Greece with the gold award for his musical offering. He write the autobiographic book "The fatal trip to Icaria and the return"(greek) Ed. Notios Anemos Athens 2014 ( German translation from Jürgen Braun " Die Schicksalsinsel Ikaria" Ed. Traugott Bautz 2016 ).


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Themelis made many publications among others about Ancient Greek music,Greek traditional music. Since his youth he is also occupied with composition, however the greatest part of his works was composed during the last two decades, by which he formed a musical language of his own. His compositions were played in Greece and abroad. The World Premiere of his Symphony No. 3 took place on 28 February 2003 in Glasgow, in Hall of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, given by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

He composed, among other:

  • 10 Symphonies, Symphonic Diptychon, 2 Symphoniettas for String Orchestra, Symphonic Poem "The Russian Painer Monk Efrem"
  • 11 Concertos  (for violin, violoncello, viola, double bass, bassoon,piano, alto saxophon, timpani )
  • 2 Concertinos one for Violin and Orchestra and one for Flute and String-Orchestra
  • 30 String quartets, string quintet
  • Wind quartet, 5 Saxophone quartets, 2 brass quintets 
  • Duos for several instruments
  • Songs with piano and with orchestra, chorals
  • Works for several solo instruments